Effective February 1, 2018
Krestview Woodcraft reserves the right to periodically reevaluate
LuxCraft Policies and make changes as necessary.

Ordering and delivery

We accept orders via fax or email—simply list the items, colors, and quantities you need (using the codes found in LuxCraft catalogs if possible). Upon receiving the order, our sales team prepares an order confirmation, which you should receive within one business day via your ordering method (fax or email). Confirmations should always be double-checked for order accuracy. Any discrepancies on orders must be reported within 24 hours of receiving an order confirmation. If order is required by a certain date, please include date on the order or let us know a few days prior to picking up. We appreciate orders in advance so we can satisfy our customer’s order upon pick-up.

Product returns and damaged items

  1. All special orders (non-stock items) are non-returnable.
  2. All returned items are expected to arrive in the same condition as the item was shipped. Items will be inspected, and if damage is found a fee may apply.
  3. Any damage that occurs after the item is loaded onto the buyer’s vehicle or the vehicle of the persons hired by the buyer will not be the responsibility of Krestview Woodcraft.
  4. Item should be inspected after removed from box, prior to assembly, to ensure no damage transpired during shipping. If item is damaged, photos of damage must be submitted via email.
  5. A restocking fee may apply to returned items.

Online sales

The minimum advertised price for E-Commerce stores is a markup from wholesale of 1.85 or 85%. This policy will be strictly enforced, without exceptions. This applies to any online advertising but does not include in-store pricing. Products that are sold on online marketplaces must be in compliance with MAPP pricing AND must be listed as "LuxCraft" brand.

Payment and terms

Dealers must pay for product before shipping, and will receive a 2% discount upon doing so. Dealers have the option of applying for credit by filling out an official credit application. Once approved for credit, terms are Net 30 days, but if invoice is paid within 10 days, LuxCraft dealers may deduct 2% discount from total amount (minus any shipping charges). We accept cash, check, or Credit Cards. If paying with Credit Card, a 3% charge will apply.